Lithium-Ion Battery Repair

Check out what’s happening in the world of Li-Ion battery repurposing!


For generations, Sybesma’s Electronics has been an industry leader in a variety of fields, from TV repair to small electronics to automotive. We have reshaped ourselves in the last decade to become experts in the fields of consumer product and lithium ion battery analysis and repair.

Our advanced equipment allows for deep cycling and thorough testing of battery cells and associated control electronics. We are proud to announce that we have become an approved repair and re-manufacturing facility for lithium ion batteries in West Michigan, including NiMh packs and lithium ion battery sources for pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Sybesma’s is now proud to offer lithium-ion repair and repurposing, including:

  • An approved, state-of-the-art facility for refurbishment, repair, and recycling all types of li-ion and nickel metal hydride batteries.
  • Return logistics of high-voltage battery modules from dealers and dismantlers
  • Recycling Preparation
  • Cell grading and balancing of cells for secondary use
  • Creating a second life market for Grades Cells Content

Repurposing batteries is the process of creating a new use for batteries that have reached the end of their productivity for vehicle use, but not the end of battery life. There are hundreds of uses for retired auto batteries, and our goal is to conserve energy and minimize waste by reassigning these batteries for different commercial functions. Just like OEM’s, our customers will be able to monitor equipment and facilities from anywhere, any time.

We are also introducing a similar logistics and re-purposing program for nickel metal hydride batteries. With millions of these batteries already running in vehicles all over the country, refurbishment and recycling of this kind will become crucial to the success of the industry, and Sybesma’s will be able to continue its history of excellence in service and integrated manufacturing solutions for our customers.


Battery recycling is being streamlined to ensure careful care of every step, from disassembling the battery to re-assigning all useable parts to their respective refiners and recycling plants. All steps will be specifically documented and accessible at any time. You can be sure that your batteries will be re-purposed to the full extent of their lives, and recycled properly by the strictest of environmental and safety standards.
We have OEM experience and good affiliation with several different battery recyclers. This saves the customer the hassle of selecting and managing a recycler.