Electronic Expertise – West Coast Chamber

          From the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce Fall 2010 Publication:

          Sybesma’s Electronics is in the business of providing electronics support for manufacturers. “If it’s a consumer electronic product that is in need of repair, we get the product from the factory and we remanufacture it. We do that also for the medical field, automotive and we have some small military contracts,” said Hank Sybesma, president of Sybesma’s Electronics.

          “Our company is being asked for its expertise in the electronics tied to the new battery technology,” he said, not wanting to go into specifics due to the sensitive nature of current contract negotiations. Sybesma said the new industry coming to Holland is a good thing.

          “The immediate impact is, we’re looking at a few hundred jobs, which is good, but the long-range impact is huge. For years, my company has always supported remanufacturing and getting away from fossil fuels. The epicenter of lithium-ion technology could end up being Holland, Michigan, for the whole world.”

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