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Sybesma’s Electronics is your source for electronic re-manufacturing, inspection, root-cause analysis, statistical sampling, electronic re-work, warehousing and recycling. Sybesma’s provides service solutions to a variety of service networks, end consumers, and manufacturing clients, including: JCI, Klipsch, Pioneer, Philips Lite-on, Rosen, Harman, and Parrot. Click here to learn more about our services.


Electronic Service Solutions



From product fulfillment, to reverse engineering, circuit board repair, bulk rework and manufacturing support, Sybesma’s offers a variety of electronic repair service solutions.

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Now Offering:

Lithium-Ion Re-purposing and Recycling

Re-purposing batteries is the process of creating a new use for batteries that have reached the end of their productivity for vehicle use, but not the end of battery life.

  • Repair
  • Remanufacture
  • Repurpose
  • Recycle


There are hundreds of uses for retired auto batteries, and our goal is to conserve energy and minimize waste by reassigning these batteries for different commercial functions.

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Restore Your Automobile DVD Player!

We will restore your automobile DVD player back to the original factory working condition at a low price of $285.00 US plus shipping and handling.

We are the original factory support and re-manufacture center for JCI built rear seat entertainment systems used in GM and Ford specific vehicles.

FREE Green Compliance Recycle Program

This program allows Sybesma’s Electronics, in partnership with Comprenew Environmental, to recycle non-repairable electronics and the associated cosmetic components at no additional costs to our customers. This allows our customers to claim Green recycling status.

Sybesma’s is the sole repair center for Hymotion Li-ion battery packs for the Toyota Prius add on battery. This battery is manufactured by A123 Systems and is used as an add on pack to increase fuel economy in the Toyota Prius.

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Sybesma’s Electronics is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard by AQA International, LLC.

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